time to leave

when you went out the door
everything started to crumble
bit by bit
so slowly so that i could feel every single
drop of pain

right now it’s unbearable
and almost everything lost its meaning
i think it would be relieving
to move away from this town

i never thought it would happen again
i guess it’s just something about life to learn

and as i look out of the window
and i see the city i lived for so long
i don’t have any feeling at all

and as i think about you, as i do all the time
and i feel my heart that aches so bad
i understand that it’s time for me to leave

there ain’t any more reasons to stay.

Informazioni su Francesco Rigoni

Web Content Editor, Social Media Manager, Musicista, Insegnante di inglese, Autore. Vive a Torino.
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